“How to get a flatter stomach/smaller waist?”

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Hello, Hi

So I’m guessing you’ve clicked on this blog because you’re interested in how to get a flatter stomach/smaller waist? Yeah, or just a little bit noisy?

Either way, Hello! My names Esé, whats yours?

I recently decided to share my fitness journey and called it ‘Get toned with Esé’ which focuses on Body,Mind and Spirit. If you want more information on that check out my Instagram page: @esekalusi.

So, lets begin. I am going to break this blog down into three sections (feel free to skip to the part you are most interested in!) First section is how to prepare your mind for a new diet/exercise routine. Then I will move on to body, I will share a few dietary tips that I’ve been using and some exercises  that have given me the best results and lastly if you are a spiritual person, how my spirituality plays a part in keeping me on track.

Quickly, sorry I know I know I hate when people ramble on to! But, I think its very important to note that this is what worked for ME. I want when you’re reading this to take what you feel is best for YOU, no one can know whats 100% best for you, like you. No doctor, no personal trainer, just you, they can only advice, we are all students.

“Know thyself” test everything out (from reliable sources of course)  and tailor it to the unique individual that is you.


"Where the mind goes, the man follows" -Joyce Meyer

Getting your mind right when starting a new diet/exercise routine is the first step.

Because, where your mind goes, your body follows. I always find when I’m not focused on the task at hand with a 100% of my attention, I never get the best results. Or, when I don’t believe I can achieve something more times often than not I don’t achieve it.

TIP 1: Self Talk

Usually a week or a few days before I start something new I start to programme my mind. I do this by controlling my self talk. That voice inside your head is ultimately all you have, it is the narrator of your life. I Meditate specific things to myself, I tell myself ‘I AM a disciplined person, I AM a focused, I AM loving.. ect’ the power of I AM is honestly underestimated. 

TIP 2: Visualisation

I also, visualise myself doing exactly what I want to do. For example, I always aim to exercise as soon as I wake up or else I believe I wont do it after that time frame. So, before I go to sleep I literally close my eyes and visualise myself going down stairs, pulling out my mat and exercising and I attach feelings of enjoyment and fulfilment and believe it or not I always end up waking up and doing it. Try it! 


I get annoyed at my lack of inaction when I realise that all my self talk and affirmations are useless without action so I simply just start. Where I am, regardless of how I feel. Action kills fear.


              "Your body is a temple, treat it like one"


I decided to go for a Low carb, high protein diet.

What is that?

For those of you that don’t know what that is, this is when you reduce your intake of Carbs so- white rice, pasta, bread etc and increase your protein intake so chicken, eggs, beans. I have found that this gives me the best results in terms of losing weight around my mid section.

The first time I tried this diet I completely took out carbs and to be honest I saw very fast results but it wasn’t very sustainable, as soon as I started eating carbs again I put back on the weight.


So, the second time I tried I substituted refined carbs such as white rice, white pasta and white flour with alternatives such as sweet potato, brown rice ect and I saw results but this time they are long lasting as they are now a lifestyle choice rather than a fad diet. I find that I feel lighter and more energised.

I would like to also add I haven’t taken refined carbs completely out. I allow myself at least one day in the week where I can eat whatever I want because when I restrict myself  too much it affects my mood and that is no way to live.


I also drink GREEN TEA every single morning. I personally want to write a separate blog solely based on the benefits of Green tea, it doesn’t get enough clout. Green tea and water literally cleared my acne because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits (another story for another day though.) 


Currently, I drink 2.5L of WATER every day and what I found is that my body retains sugar and it makes my face look puffy when I eat too much sugar but the more water I drink, the slimmer my face looks. I don’t know the science behind this but honestly its my little secret. Water helps flatten your stomach when you drink it before meals because it makes you feel fuller so you eat less calories and helps relieve constipation and reduce belly bloating.


No snacking- this one is the hardest because I love a cheeky snack on my way back from work but once you get into the habit of not snacking it gets easy and you end up saving so much money.

I believe you should ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper’ 



In terms of getting a flatter stomach, diet is the most important factor because everyone has abs but they are just hidden behind the extra fat we have accumulated.


I believe is the next step.

Me personally I don’t enjoy intensive/excessive cardio because I have very big boobs so I find it uncomfortable thats why I focus so much on diet.


But, what I do is before I workout (at home, always!) is skipping in my garden which I find fun. For maybe 5-10 minutes to get me sweating and to warm up my muscles,

I also love walking, I try to incorporate this as much into my day so instead of taking the lift, I take the stairs. I walk to the station every morning and take my dog for a walk.

But as I said before, find what works for your body by trying different things.

This is what I did for my stomach to get a tighter waist and get my abs shining through. I did 3-4 times a week at least.

20 reps x 2 Plank twist

20 reps x 3 Russian Twist

20 reps x 3 Uppies

10 reps x3 Leg raises (optional)

I have posted these routines on my instagram also :

Abs routine

Abs (CORE)


So if you need to see what they look like take a look.


      "We are spiritual beings having a human experience"

Sometimes I get discouraged and start to doubt myself.

This is when I tend to lean on to God/higher self/the universe.

To help me keep focused and to remind me that I am strong enough and everything is working in my favour. I pray more. Infact I don’t even like to call it prayer anymore. I am just in a conversation where I express myself with no filter.

Try to spend more time alone so I become more in tune with my own voice and intuition to have more of a clear vision on my own wants and needs.

I hope this helped. If you have anything you want to discuss further or share your experience with me..anything at all. Message me on any of my social media platforms @esekalusi on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. Email: kalusiese@gmail.com

Love always, regardless

Esé Kalusi


12 thoughts on ““How to get a flatter stomach/smaller waist?”

  1. This is actually just what I needed to see in so many different ways.
    First of all, fitness wise I deffo need to up my home work out game and stop relying on gym.
    Secondly, the fact that this took a month? Mad.
    Third of all, you’ve made me start to seriously consider blogging. It’s been on my mind but now I’m even more inspired so thank you and God bless you x


  2. Great blog, I’ll deffo be incorporating these routines into my workout. I wanted to know how long it took for you to start seeing a change in your mid section/ results? And do you find it hard to maintain without feeling like you’re depriving yourself? I know you mentioned you give yourself one day to indulge do you find that it’s enough? Or do you get the urge to binge?


    1. Hi Mary,

      Wow, i’m sorry for the late reply. Lately i’m more relaxed in terms of “bad carbs” like, two three days i don’t mind but thats after i got the results. But, after a while i think you just get used to the healthier options and its still very filling if you are eating them with good protein. For example: my new obsession is Quinoa, Lamb and olives. Also, binging was a problem at first but you have to learn the art of self discipline instead of crisp try fruit. But please understand you can allow yourself to eat these things but in moderation.

      Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog.

      Love always, regardless.

      Esé x


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